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Everyone Must Know


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What is EveryoneMustKnow?

  • EveryoneMustKnow is a project started by the church with the aim to give all people in Feltham the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus.
  • The goal motivating the EveryoneMustKnow project is to get the gospel message to everyone in Feltham. We want everyone who lives, works or has contact with Feltham to hear the great message about how Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners.
  • As Christians we are the most blessed people on the planet. We have eternal life which comes through Christ Jesus our Lord. We have that as a gift and it can never be taken away. As those who have been given so much we want to pass on this blessing to others.
  • We, as Christians are called to be witnesses for our Lord Jesus. We are called to go and declare what God has done for us. That must mean that we pass on the great gospel message to others.
  • What we have set out to do with EveryoneMustKnow is to devise a brief, but full leaflet which all could understand. The four points of the leaflet, we trust, make it memorable and digestible.
  • The leaflet is at the heart of the project and we are seeking to translate it into the languages of those who are not so familiar with English. This is all with a view to making sure all know the Gospel.
  • We also want to be using all kinds of other means to get the EveryoneMustKnow message out. A video has already been produced and we want to use social media as much as possible.
  • We are also trusting that the project can spread so that the desire for EveryoneMustKnow will be taken to other parts of the UK and the World.
  • As we get the message out, though, we know that there will only be a big impact when God comes to impact lives. This happens when they believe the great message of the grace of God expressed profoundly and fully at the cross by Christ Jesus.

If you wish to use the EveryoneMustKnow material or are interested in getting involved with the project in any way, we would also love to hear from you! Please do contact us using our contact form here.

Our leaflet is also currently available in Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Lithuanian, Russian, Bulgarian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Urdu and Telegu with other languages in the pipeline! Please do get in touch if you would like to suggest language translations or receive any of the current translations available.