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Biblical parenting and advice


The Bible teaches us that every parent will bring up their children in the way they think best. This immediately alerts us to the fact that there will be many, varied ideas about bringing up children and dealing with difficult issues. One of the most reassuring things about biblical parenting and advice is that it comes from the very author who created and sustains us.

In the United Kingdom alone there are over 60,000 children in the care system and many more that are under the watchful eye of local authorities. Local resources like Children and Adolescence Mental Health Services (CAMHS), Children’s Centres and targeted services will all have their benefits but their capacity to bring about meaningful and lasting change is sadly limited for many parents who have turned to such services. The bible teaches that many parents will struggle to bring up their children because they neither have the resources or the motivation to introduce sound and solid principles from the beginning. This has left many in our society struggling to manage with day to day parenting and feeling abandoned by the state.

Here at FEC we believe there are clear and unquestionable biblical principles which can be adopted and lead to a change of course for every child. The biblical parenting model is not just about success or good outcomes, it is about an investment in every child so that they take paths in life that will save them from many pitfalls and struggles.

Parenting classes are subject to demands but we will ensure to run a six week biblical parenting class at least twice a year if we have 3 or more families signed up.

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