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Biblical relationship and marriage counselling


Here at Feltham Evangelical church we believe the bible has all the answers when it comes to life, including our relationships with each other. Our broken relationship with God means our relationships with each other are also broken. This result in friction, strained and even very hostile relationships at times. Since we live in a society that does not understand the forgiveness that of God in the sending of His son, Jesus Christ; it means that often relationships are difficult to put together again and we lose the tools that God has provided for better marriages. We are here to try and equip you with some of these tools so that relationships can be repaired.

We have local residents who live in Feltham and worship at FEC and who understand what it is to live in a broken society. They are able to apply God’s word to the lives of individuals. This ministry is free of charge and makes no demands on anyone other than the fact that the advice and guidance provided is rooted in the bible.

Amy & Zach

Philip & May Lin

Laura & Mark

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