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What Is Our Lord Jesus Doing Today?

We, as Christians, tend to think of the past and future in respect of our Saviour. As regards the past we focus upon the death, burial, resurrection and ascension of our Lord. In respect of the future we think of our Saviour returning to bless His people and judge this earth. But what of the present ministry of Jesus?

What is He doing now? To answer this we can say that He is very busy. He is busy acting for the good and benefit of His people. He is in heaven acting as our high priest and advocate. These are two different, but important ministries. To understand these ministries let us consider someone on a cliff top. In this situation he needs help to make sure that he does not fall over the cliff. This is the work of our LORD as high priest. He is busy and active seeking to prevent us falling over the cliff into sin. However, If the person does fall over the cliff they need someone to come and rescue them at the bottom of the cliff. Accordingly, if we, as Christians, do fall over the cliff into sin we need our Saviour to come and rescue us from our desperate predicament. This is provided by our LORD acting as advocate.

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